Is it possible to have axes on all four sides?

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Posted by B.Shiv on 25th February 2018
Hi Richard: One more question.
I would like to have an the x-axis on top also with axis ticks pointing inwards and possibly with a different scale from the bottom x-axis.
Similarly for the y-axis. Although I do see that for an additional y-axis there is a separate "drawing" method. Ideally is it possible to simply create "mirror" of both axes, for x on top and for y on the right?
Thank You,
Posted by Richard on 26th February 2018
Hi there,

You could use the drawing API x/y axis objects to this, for example:

Posted by B.Shiv on 26th February 2018
Hi Richard:
Thank you again.
I suppose your clientele knows this. But I just wish to state that I am using RGraph to construct graphs in a textbook I am writing in EPUB3 format.
So far it is working wonders. Thanks.

Posted by B.Shiv on 27th February 2018
Hi Richard:

Thanks for answering. I would like to "lock" the four new axes to the grid and make it follow the grid boundary when the canvas width and height are changed. Is that possible?

Many thanks,
B. Shiv
Posted by Richard on 27th February 2018
Hi there,

Doesn't it already?

All of the axes along with the Line chart use the gutter settings from the Bar chart.


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