RGraph Bar chart with a drawing API Y axis object

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Posted by michel K on 11th March 2014
I'm trying to add an Y axis to my bar but I'm not able to get it to work...

When I change the line var bar = new RGraph.Bar into var line = new RGraph.Line it displays the y axis


window.onload = function ()
     var bar = new RGraph.Bar('cvs', [4,8,6,5,3,2,2,5])
     .Set('hmargin', 5)
     .Set('noaxes', true)
     .Set('ylabels', false)
     .Set('gutter.left', 150)
     .Set('colors', ['black'])
     .Set('tooltips', ['James','Jenna','Karl','Olga','Mark','Pete','Louise','Jack'])
     .Set('linewidth', 3)
     .Set('spline', true)

     var yaxis = new RGraph.Drawing.YAxis('cvs',line.gutterLeft)
     .Set('max', line.max)
     .Set('title', 'Widgets sold')
     .Set('colors', ['black'])
Posted by Richard on 12th March 2014
Hi there,

You're still referencing the line object when you create the yaxis object. So change this:

var yaxis = new RGraph.Drawing.YAxis('cvs',line.gutterLeft)

To this:

var yaxis = new RGraph.Drawing.YAxis('cvs',bar.gutterLeft)


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