Can't create multiple HBar charts on the same page

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Posted by Alina on 21st June 2017

I need to create several charts on the same page but I only get the last one.
This is what I do (PHP):

foreach ($scores as $score){
     <prepare data for the chart>
     print_one_chart($category, $detail, $score_values, $score_labels);

function print_one_chart($ctg_name, $detail_name, $values, $labels){

$canvas_id=str_replace(' ', '_', 'cvs_'.$ctg_name.'_'.$detail_name);

echo '<canvas id='.$cvs_id.' width="600" height="450">[No canvas support]</canvas>';

$script_txt = "window.onload = function () {
    var chart = new RGraph.HBar('".$cvs_id."', [".implode(', ', $skill_values)."]);
    chart.Set('chart.title', '".$competency_name." - ".$skill_name."')
         chart.Set('chart.title.size', '10');
         chart.Set('chart.labels', ['".implode('\', \'',$labels)."']);
         chart.Set('chart.labels.above', true);
         chart.Set('chart.gutter.left', 125);
         chart.Set('chart.background.grid', false);
         chart.Set('chart.xlabels', false);
         chart.Set('chart.noxaxis', true);
         chart.Set('chart.scaleZerostart', true);
         chart.Set('chart.colors', ['#164366','#164366','#164366','#FDB515','#164366']);
         chart.Set('chart.colors.sequential', true);
         chart.Set('chart.text.size', 10);

echo '<br/>'.$script_txt.'<br/>'; // this is for debugging purposes: to make sure that the script text is correctly formed at each iteration

// this will actually insert the script into the page
echo "

What I get is:
- all the expected canvases (visible in inspector) but rendered as empty areas on screen
- all the script textes echoed for debug, with the expected values
- the last canvas has the last chart correctly drawn.

I am very grateful for any idea, thank you in advance.
Posted by Richard on 21st June 2017
Hi there,

1. Have a look at your console to see if there's an error displayed. In Chrome you can press CTRL+SHIFT+J to see it.

2. Instead of sending me a screenshot, send me the *entire* source of the page so that I can copy it into a file on my desktop and run it.

3. I noticed you have quotes asaround a number when you are setting the title size property - don't do that - do this instead:

chart.Set('chart.title.size', 10);

Posted by Alina on 21st June 2017
Hey Richard,

Thank you for your answer, there was no error but I eventually figured out how to make it work properly: by replacing "window.onload" with "$(document).ready". The script is now:
   $(document).ready(function () {
    var chart = new RGraph.HBar ...

Thank you for the excellent RGraph chart.

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