Changing the charts Y axis maximum and minimum values distorts the chart

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Posted by wrox on 1st September 2015
Hey There,

In one of use case we want to change chart y-max and Y-min value. changing it display chart with wrong plotting.

For Example :
Case : Need to display data more clearly

Data : Want to plot [20.2345,20.5674,20.7892,20.2346]

so we change Y-Max = 21 and Y-Min = 19

but the values displayed being distorted. 20.2345 displayed on chart should be very near to Y-Axis 20 label line but it seems its more then it.

Gaurav Teli

Posted by Richard on 1st September 2015

How about this:

Posted by wrox on 4th September 2015
Hi Richard,

Is there some way to set yMax and yMin automatically according to data ?
Posted by Richard Heyes on 4th September 2015
Hi there,

Not rally. Though I suppose you could do this:

// Say your maximum value in your data is 9
var maximum = 9;
var scale = RGraph.getScale2(obj, {
     max: maximum
var maximum = scale.max;

Like this example:

Then set the ymax option to that value. For ymin you could round your numbers down I guess. Say you have 21.2:

1. Times it by ten - giving you 212
2. Round it to the nearest hundred (for example) giving you 200
3. Divide it by ten.
4. You end up with 20.

Something like that perhaps.


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