custom static Y axis

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Posted by PauloASilva on 29th May 2013
Hi Richard,
I'm coming to you before to start the debug, just to get a possible insight.

I was implementing som scatter charts using the "overflow: hidden" technique, like your example at, but I found a problem with Firefox about tooltips positioning: the tooltips next to the last visible, do not display and the hotspots get completely messed, opening others' tooltips.

I'm planning to start the debug from the RGraph.common.tooltips.js

What do you think about this?

Thanks in advance,
Posted by RGraph support on 29th May 2013
Hi there,

There's no point doing any debug - Firefox doesn't support event.offsetX or event.offsetY so this example just doesn't work in Firefox.

Richard, RGraph Support

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Posted by PauloASilva on 29th May 2013
Hi Richard,
Thanks for your insight.

I did try a workaround for firefox, introducing the following change on RGraph.common.core.js

> // Workaround for Firefox because of unsupported event.offsetX and
> // event.offsetY
> // @author Paulo A. Silva
> // @since May 29th, 2013
> if (ISFF)
> {
> e.offsetX = e.layerX;
> e.offsetY = e.layerY;
> }
< function cl(variable){return console.log(variable);}
\ No newline at end of file
> function cl(variable){return console.log(variable);}

Later I will leave here more feedback about this subject.
Thanks again,
Posted by RGraph support on 29th May 2013
Hi there,

event.layerX|Y are not quite the same as the canvas needs to be positioned either relative or absolute.

Richard, RGraph support

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