I'm using a static Y axis and Scatter chart and have a tooltips issue

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Posted by Jason Tan Boon Teck on 1st January 2016
Is it possible to have tooltips that appears in a scatter chart that has static Y axis?

It works only in the initial viewport. The tooltips do not show when I scroll the graph to the right.
Posted by Richard on 18th June 2014
Yes - though it probably won't work in Firefox. There's an example of a static Y axis witha Line chart here:


You can just change the Line chart to a Scatter chart

Posted by Jason Tan Boon Teck on 18th June 2014
Yes, I just realised also that it is not working in Firefox, but working in Chrome.

I followed your given example as my starting point. Then I wasn't sure if it was RGraph that was not capable of doing sure complex chart.

Thank you for the confirmation. Will you be fixing it for the Firefox browser?
Posted by Richard on 18th June 2014
There's nothing to fix - Firefox just doesn't support the necessary event properties - .offsetX and .offsetY IIRC. Until Firefox supports these - if ever - it won't work.


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