Decimal numbers and labels are not shown correctly

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Posted by fotosettore on 7th February 2017
i have two little problems in this page :

1. i'd like to see nothing on labels instead of "0" when data is 0 or null ( i tried to use "null" but it works like "0")

2. values are with one decimal, but labels are not. i tried to put scaleDecimals option but it does no effect.

please help me to find my errors .

many thanks

Posted by Richard on 7th February 2017
Hi there,

1. You'll need to use labelsAboveSpecific then and give the exact label that you wish to appear - blank for those labels that you don't want to appear.

2. Your scale is showing decimals. For the labelsAbove that you stipulate yourself you can format it as you wish.


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