How can I disable the increase in radius in the Pie chart RoundRobin effect?

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Posted by Andrew K on 12th March 2014
I'm looking to disable to increase in size feature on the RGraph.Effects.Pie.RoundRobin(pie) effect, having trouble finding this, been looking in the RGraph.common.effects.js file - thanks.
Posted by Richard on 13th March 2014
Hi there,

Use the radius option, like this:

RGraph.Effects.Pie.RoundRobin(obj, {radius: false});

Note that effects are changing in the NEXT version (RGraph3). So to use the RoundRobin effect you'll do this:

var obj = new RGraph.Pie('cvs', [4,8,6,3,5,2,1,6])
     .set('gutter.left', 35)
     .set('title', 'A Pie with the RoundRobin effect')
     .roundRobin({radius: false});


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