How do I disable the links on an SVG Pie chart?

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Posted by Rohini on 8th May 2017
I am creating SVG Pie graphs dynamically and it adds (
<a xlink:href="\">
<text fill="gray" x="598" y="398" font-size="8pt" font-weight="100" font-family="sans-serif" font-style="normal" text-anchor="end" dominant-baseline="bottom"></text>
</a>) by default after every grpah.

I do not want those links on my web page. How do I remove such links from the web page?

Thanks in advance
Posted by Richard on 8th May 2017
Hi there,

By all means disable them with the following in your chart configuration:

attribution: false

Posted by Rohini on 8th May 2017
Thank you Richard. That worked!

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