Are multiple Y axes possible?

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Posted by Chris on 7th December 2012
How can i add a double y-axis? Preferably on the left, both of them with some distance.
I have tried object.Set('yaxispos', 'left/right');
but in the right axis, the values are trimmed and rendered out of the canvas object.
Posted by RGraph support on 7th December 2012

You can avoid the trimming by increasing the chart.gutter.right setting, and to have two axes there's an RGraph.DrawYaxis() API function - documented here:
Posted by Chris on 7th December 2012
Issue resolved. Thanks.
Seems that the desired gutter.left and gutter.right options you need to set for one graph of the canvas have to be set the same for each and any chart on the same canvas, else the graphs may fail to render properly.

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