Is there an example that shows a dropdown menu or input to change the CSV source?

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Posted by Dan on 23rd March 2013
Is there any example that uses a dropdown menu to select CSV files to draw a new graph? Perhaps even a basic text input would work?

Posted by Dan on 24th March 2013
I have settled with the prompt function. It works well when the page is entered or refreshed. It's rudimentary but it requires less page space and is less complicated.

I put the prompt function just above the callback and the value is used in the AJAX call to the proper csv file. Below is my example:

     cycle_number = prompt("Enter Cycle Number", '');
            var callback = function ()

RGraph.AJAX('/csv/'+cycle_number+'_cycle.cvs', callback);

All is well.

Posted by RGraph support on 25th March 2013
Hi there,

There's a basic demo that you might be interested in:

This uses the RGraph.AJAX() function to fetch a CSV file and then creates the chart in the myCallback function after parsing the CSV. So something like this:

<select id="myDropdown" onchange="RGraph.AJAX(this.value, myCallback)">
     <option value="sample.csv">Show Foo</option>
     <option value="bar.csv">Show Bar</option>

Though when you create the new chart you'll probably want to reset the canvas first:


RGraph Support

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