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Posted by xlyz on 9th March 2014

just to let you know that I've just created a Drupal module to integrate RGraph library in Drupal.

Those interested can find it here: drupal.org/project/charts_rgraph

can you please add the version number in a text file in your package? drupal libraries module will appreciate it :)
adding it in a txt or in the banner of any .js will do.

thanks for your great work

Posted by Richard on 10th March 2014
Hi there,

You'll have to let me know if it becomes server-meltingly busy!

On version numbers - I don't use version numbers (mostly) - more dates. I could have them appended to the files though - something that looks like this:

// version: RGraph3_2014-03-31

You can at least then identify the version of the file more easily.

Posted by xlyz on 20th March 2014

version # is fine, as long as you keep the same format and it is related to the whole library (not per file) and the date is yyyy-mm-dd so it's easy to make comparison.

Do exist a public cdn served version of your library that I can link to in the module?


p.s. after the 1st week only 30 downloads. no server will be melted for this ;)
Posted by Richard on 20th March 2014
Hi there,

I don't have versions numbers - only the date. So the following is now appended to each source file:

// version: 2014-03-19

(ie the release date)

And no - I'm not aware of any public CDN that holds RGraph

Posted by xlyz on 21st March 2014

sorry to bug you again, but can I ask you to add the date at the beginning of the file, instead that at the end? It makes parsing faster and more reliable with current api in drupal.

for the cdn, people will need to dl the library on their own server then.

Posted by Richard on 21st March 2014
Hi there,

I'll look into it, though it won't be for the next release.


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