Are there any Gantt chart examples that use MySQL?

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Posted by Rob on 1st January 2016

I like the RGRAPH library, but experimenting with the GANNT.
Are ther examples to use a mysql database ?
I would like to generate a per line overview with activities with different colours.

             var data = [
                         // First row

                          [5, 2, null, 'Day 1', 'green'],
                          [7, 1, null, 'Day 1', 'purple'],
                          [8, 2, null, 'Day 1', 'green'],
                          [10, .25, null, 'Day 1', 'yellow'],
                          [11, .5, null, 'Day 1', 'purple'],
                          [16, .5, null, 'Day 1', 'green']
Posted by Richard on 3rd June 2014
The only example of MySQL is in the implementation guide:

Keep in mind that you PHP runs first, on your server, and then whatever the output is is sent to the browser - where JavaScript runs. So you could do something like this:

     $str = array();
     foreach($data as $row) {
               $str[] = sprintf('[%d, %d, null, '%s', '%s']',$row['start'],$row['duration'],$row['complete'],$row['label']);

     $str = implode('.', $str);
  var data = [
              // Rows
              <?php echo $str ?>

Something like that. I haven't tested it so there might be a small error or two but that show the principle.


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