Get and set methods: There's a conversion error from camelCase (in Internet Explorer 9)

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Posted by L-W on 10th November 2015
The get and set methods use RegExp.$1 in the replacement function. Under IE9, RegExp.$1 is not updated "immediately" and returns an unexpected value.
Simple example: create a combined bar graph + line with gutters, in result, no gutters. The constructor calls the get method with gutterLeft, gutterRight, gutterTop, gutterBottom.
On the first call (gutterLeft) RegExp.$1 returns an empty string, name contains "chart.gutter.eft", the second call (gutterRight) RegExp.$1 returns "L", name contains "chart.gutter.light" etc.
By cons "str" contains the expected values (L, R, ...). It might be more appropriate to use this variable.

PS: In the constructor of combined graphics, redefine the gutters when i is zero is maybe not useful.
Posted by Richard on 10th November 2015

Thanks for this report.

In the file at approximately line 3165 there's a block of code that sets the gutters using camelCase notation. You can simply use dot notation instead (there's no difference), so I've changed it to this:

* Set the Line chart gutters to match the Bar chart gutters
* ** Needs to use the dot form to skirt an IE9 bug **
     gutterLeft: this.objects[0].get('gutter.left'),
     gutterRight: this.objects[0].get('gutter.right'),
     gutterTop: this.objects[0].get(''),
     gutterBottom: this.objects[0].get('gutter.bottom')

Posted by L-W on 10th November 2015
Thanks for your quick reply.

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