I want to get the property of a Bar chart from JSON data

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Posted by pineapple_zjw on 10th December 2012
Hello! I want to get the chart's property from the Json data :
var myJSONData = {
                           'chart.labels': ['Bob','Lucy','Gary','Hoolio'],
                           'chart.tooltips': [
                                              'Bob did well',
                                              'Lucy had her best result',
                                              'Gary - not so good',
                                              'Hoolio had a good start'
var myChart = new RGraph.Bar('cvs', [9,6,2,5]);
RGraph.SetConfig(myChart, myJSONData);

If I alert the 'chart.labels' to display the data,the codes won't run abnormally.
However, if the name of the property is named without the symbol '.' in it ,the codes run normally,such as :
'chartlabels': ['Bob','Lucy','Gary','Hoolio']
Posted by RGraph Support on 10th December 2012

What's the issue?

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