My chart cannot process my data which is coming from an array variable (floats)

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Posted by Sherlocked on 21st November 2013
Im doing a graph pie and the data is coming from an array(float).
The problem is, whatever I do, rgraph cannot process and cant display the graph that I need.

Here's the code:

var m = [parseFloat(cAmount[0]) , parseFloat(cAmount[1]) , parseFloat(cAmount[2]) , parseFloat(cAmount[3]) , parseFloat(cAmount[4]), parseFloat(cAmount[5]) , parseFloat(cAmount[6]) , parseFloat(cAmount[7]) , parseFloat(cAmount[8]) , parseFloat(cAmount[9])];
var pie = new RGraph.Pie('cvs', m);
.Set('chart.labels', dataLabel)
.Set('chart.stroke', 'white')
Posted by RGraph support on 21st November 2013
Hi there,

Hi there,

At a guess your m array isn't quite what you think it is. You can see
what it contains by using the p() function (which is a glorified
alert() ). So just before you create the Pie object do this:


That will show you what it contains and the types.

Richard, RGraph Support

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