Can the Waterfall Grow effect be only increased from whatever the current value is?

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Posted by Apu Chowdhury on 17th October 2012
      Is it possible to have growing effect in each bar of waterfall graph when value changes. Now look like it jumps when value changes. (If we keep change graph value dynamically). For example one of my bar has value 10. Later it will have value 15. Now I want graph to render until 10 straight and later from 10-15 it should have growing effect. Like it has been increased.

Any help would be really appreciable.

Posted by RGraph Support on 17th October 2012

I think I know what you're referring to - instead of Growing from zero constantly you want the Waterfall to "Grow" to the new value from the current position. The Waterfall Grow effect doesn't do this currently but there are other charts which do so it wouldn't be difficult to add this for you as a customisation for you - email if you would like this.

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