Height of the Bar should auto-change according the values of ylabels.specific

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Posted by Ileven on 10th April 2014
   this is my demo code

var datas = [78, 16, 26, 23, 25, 51];
var line = new RGraph.Bar("cvsBar4", datas)
         .set("chart.labels", ["Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul"])
         .set("chart.ylabels.specific", ["80","70","60","50","40","30","20","10","0"])

well, you will see the height of first bar ('Feb') can not matches the ylabels!

so, how to corrent my code to make those values matches each other?

Posted by Ileven on 10th April 2014
If line.set("chart.ylabels.specific", ["200","150","100","0"])
then the height of the bar should be changed!
Posted by Richard on 10th April 2014
Hi there,

It does - there's a few properties though you can add to help make it a little clearer@


If RGraph has helped you - please share the website - thanks!
Posted by Ileven on 14th April 2014
Sincerely thank for your help!

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