How can I draw the X axis at the bottom (not zero), when I have negative values?

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Posted by Anna on 29th January 2018

I draw line graph using splines. I can have negative values there and want to draw X-axis in the bottom(Where I have the lowest Y value).

I apply next settings:
graph.Set('chart.xaxispos', 'bottom');
graph.Set('chart.ymin', -12);

And I expect to see X-axis in Y = -12, but have it in 0 value.

Can you assist with that? Should not I set up some extra settings?

Thank you
Posted by Richard on 29th January 2018
Hi there,

You'll need to use the drawing API X axis objects for that like this:

Posted by Anna on 29th January 2018
Thank you for your quick response and an illustrative example!

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