How do I configure the font for the labels?

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Posted by Ileven on 22nd April 2014

   you know, this document [removed] shows us how to configure the font for title and axes.

but I don't know how to configure the font for labels. there is no paramters to handle this problem. could you give me some advice? if there were no way dynamicly configure it, which file and where I can changed the codes in rgraph can change the default font for labels?

thanks. I come from china,my written-English is poor, I pray that you can see what I mean. thanks again.
Posted by Richard on 22nd April 2014
Hi there,

Te scale and labels both use the text.size property IIRC. You coul turn the Y axis off and use the drawing API Y axis object - which has its own text sizing property. Then use the text.size property for the X axis labels.


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