How do I find out which bar is being adjusted on a Bar chart?

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Posted by Sta on 8th September 2017
Is it possible to know which bar is being adjusting when using adjusting true in a Rgraph Bar


Posted by Richard on 9th September 2017
Hi there,

You could use the onadjust event:

So your code might look like this:

new RGraph.Bar({
     id: 'cvs',
     data: [4,8,6,3,5,8,9],
     options: {
         adjustable: true
}).draw().on('onadjust', function (obj)
     var shape = RGraph.Registry.get('chart.adjusting.shape');


And the shape.index is the bars number that is being adjusted. The number is zero-indexed.

Posted by Sta on 9th September 2017
thanks a lot

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