How do I update, in real time, my Gauge chart data (from gauge-ajax.html)?

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Posted by Dennis on 9th April 2014
Dear Everyone,

I'm trying to exercise gauge-ajax.html with my embedded application.
Somehow the gauge does not update real-time data when calling getdata.html

In file getdata.html, I have text as following: 44,58,44,57,26,44,58,44,57,26

I keep the origin gauge-ajax.html code as following:
var gauge = new RGraph.Gauge('cvs', 0, 100, 7)
.set('border.outline', 'transparent')
.set('needle.colors', ['red'])
.set('needle.type', 'line')
.set('needle.tail', true)
.set('needle.size', 55)
.set('centerpin.radius', 0.1)
.set('', 'Speed')
.set('labels.centered', true)
.set('labels.offset', 7)
.on('draw', function (obj){
     var co = obj.context;

    // This circle becomes the border of the centerpin
    co.fillStyle = '#aaa';
    co.arc(obj.centerx, obj.centery, 10, 0, RGraph.TWOPI, false);
var delay = 1500;
function myAJAXCallback(num){
gauge.value = num;
/* Make another AJAX call after the delay (which is in milliseconds)*/
setTimeout(function (){RGraph.AJAX.getCSV('/getdata.html', myAJAXCallback);}, delay);

Do I need to add anything into getdata.html file?

Thanks in advance,
Posted by Richard on 10th April 2014
Hi there,

You're using the RGraph.AJAX.getCSV - which returns a string - not a number. So you could either change your AJAX call to RGraph.AJAX.getNumber and the first number will be returned or you could do this in your callback function:

gauge.value = Number(num);

To change the string to a number (it'll be the first number in your string IIRC).

Posted by Dennis on 10th April 2014
Hi Richard,
Thanks for the information.
Also after get the number, I need to call gauge.grow()

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