I have an Internet Explorer 8 issue

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Posted by Dennis on 13th June 2013
We are build a dashboard to show the results of a survey. It works fine on al browsers, except IE8 (what's new), and that is the browser the client is using.

We included the <!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="..."></script><![endif]--> line, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

The dashboard can be found at survey.bureaudeuitkomst.nl/dashboard/florence
login: test
password: test

For this test I removed the data, but the graphs should be displayed.

Any idea's on what might be the problem?


Posted by RGraph support on 13th June 2013
Hi Dennis,

You don't appear to be using the window.onload event to create the Gauge chart - which IE requires. Also - inside the window.onload event the chart object that you create must be a local object (prefix it with the var keyword). There's a basic example of a Gauge chart that you can use as a reference point if you wish:



Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Dennis on 13th June 2013
Hi Richard,

Thank you for your answer! I'm working on the fix now.


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