How can I use the interactive key and tooltips at the same time?

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Posted by Alexis on 11th February 2014
Hello my friend,

I have a chart (scatter) with interactive keys and tooltip at the same time, I was wondering how I could have tooltip display on mouseover a value and disappear on mouseout, without unselecting the interactive key.

Also, I wanna report a problem I have found with this website and since I have no idea how to contact the owner directly, I will use this forum.

I received an error from your website, to receive the error, all you have to do is go in the search section of the forum and press enter without typing anything. You can go here to see it directly:

Thanks alot!
Posted by Richard on 12th February 2014
Hi there,

The oly thing I think of is to set this: tooltips.highlight to false - that way the chart won't get redrawn. It may work - though it may not too.

Thanks for the bug report - fixed that now.

Posted by Alexis on 13th February 2014
Doing ".Set('tooltips.highlight', false)" did not work. I suppose I'll have to do without it.

Thanks anyway :)

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