Is it possible to implement an interactive, sliding data range selection tool for multiple charts?

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Posted by M. Peebles on 25th June 2014
I've looked through the documentation and examples but did not see if it was possible to implement a range selection tool that would affect the displayed data for all charts on the page. (X-Axis: Time).

We are looking to have multiple line charts on one page that would interactively scale their X-Axis from one sliding input. Is this possible or is there a working example with the current RGraph release?
Posted by Richard on 25th June 2014
The Line chart has no X scale - for that you'll need the Scatter chart with a connecting line like this:

And then use (perhaps) a range input (a slider bar) to set the xmax option. Once you set that you'll need to update the data and labels appropriately. It might be an idea to select the data/labels that you want to show from a 'master' array, based on the xmax.


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