I'm having trouble trying to implement JSON and AJAX into my charts

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Posted by Kyle on 10th October 2012
Hi there,

I am trying to implement AJAX into my charts and cannot for the life of me get it working.
Tried for the last 6 hours!!

I am encoding a PHP array with json_encode();

it is returning {"linechartvalues":"[2,0.33,0.22]"}

when I do the following it works...
var test2 = [2,0.33,0.22];

but if I parse the JSON, and do this...
var test = jsonstuff.linechartvalues;

it doesnt work.
if I alert(test) and (test2);
they both echo the EXACT SAME THINGS [2,0.33,0.22]

What could the issue here be????!!!
Please help!!
Im tearing my hair out
Posted by RGraph Support on 10th October 2012



is a string. ie text. Just because it happens to look like an array makes no odds. You should lose the double quotes - so it looks like this:

Posted by jeremy on 16th October 2012
try the javascript function JSON.parse on your json encoded php array.

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