I'm experiencing issues when creating JSON data with C# and MVC4

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Posted by Paul on 19th December 2012
I have been trying to create the JSON data to pass back to create the graph but the JSON data format includes .'s

from the example on the site:
'chart.labels': ['Bob','Lucy','Gary','Hoolio'],
                           'chart.tooltips': [
                                              'Bob did well',
                                              'Lucy had her best result',
                                              'Gary - not so good',
                                              'Hoolio had a good start'

I was hoping to serialize a C# object but can't have properties which contain .'s

Is there any advice on this ?
Posted by RGraph support on 19th December 2012

Simply escape them.
Posted by Paul on 20th December 2012
Doh - Sorted...Didn't realise it was possible.

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