The key colors aren't matching the chart colors

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Posted by Joshua McKinnon on 4th June 2013
Hello. I have been trying to get the legend (key) colors to match the chart colors and it doesn't seem to be working. I have tried putting an array of colors in (which works if the array is the same size as the data) but it only works for single dimension arrays. I need it to work for 2D array data like this:

chart data: [[11512.47,12206.74,12870.13,12576.07,13966.97,15147.64,13977.59],[3953.67,4257.94,4153.58,4143.43,4779.88,4453.83,4390.51],[11073.28,11115.63,11904.29,12189.86,13235.39,12973.72,12786.95],[2283.24,2715.27,2433.62,2812.41,2984.53,3610.32,3727.86],[3502.23,3559.77,3518.34,3789.13,4507.41,6331.31,4631.44],[5029.44,5383.02,4995.17,5121.26,6077.47,6126.61,5353.62]]
key: ["1663","2165","2736","3195","3549","4938"]

I've tried it on the horizontal/vertical bar and line charts. On the line chart, the first 2 match but the rest don't.
Posted by RGraph support on 4th June 2013
Hi there,

Well try usin chart.key.colors to specify your own colors for the key and also post a URL to an example so that I can see what you're talking about.

Richard, RGraph Support

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