My labels are appearing off of the chart and changing the gutter sizes squashes the chart

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Posted by Scott Dilley on 4th April 2013

I am using the Bar chart on a project and was asked to add in some Axis labels which I did using chart.title.xaxis & yaxis but the labels appear off the chart image. I added some side and bottom guttering which helped slightly for the bottom one, but for the left side label if I add in some guttering then all the bars appear squashed up with no labels beneath them.

Is this a known issue or is there something I need to add to the chart to get the Axis labels appearing correctly?

Posted by RGraph support on 5th April 2013
Hi there,

It's not an issue - is you increase the size of the gutter the area for the bars gets smaller. You can increase the size of the canvas to give yourself more space, use a smaller font size, use text at an angle or use alternate lines like this:

Posted by Scott Dilley on 7th April 2013
Thanks for the reply.

I have uploaded a version of what I am using for you to have a look at

Code is below

I am wanting the graph to resize as the user resizes their window so I have put it inside a function that gets triggered onload or onresize with the width of the graph being the width of the containing div.

When I add a gutter to the left side notice how the bars all cramp up togther and the bottom labels fall off the graph.

Are you able to advise on what I am doing wrong and how I can get the axis labels appearing better?


     $('#report1').attr('width',$('#ContentBar .inner').width());
     window.onload = function (){
     $(window).resize(function() {
      $('#report1').attr('width',$('#ContentBar .inner').width());
     function DrawReport() {
      var data = [35,0,25,15,0,30,5,30,5,0,0,10];
      var bar = new RGraph.Bar('report1', data);
      bar.Set('labels', ['The Oak','Venue 2','Venue 3','Venue 4','Venue 5','Venue 6','Venue 7','Venue 8','Venue 9','Venue 10','Venue 11','Venue 12']);
      bar.Set('labels.above', true);
      bar.Set('title','Venue Points');
      bar.Set('colors', ['#13670a']);
Posted by RGraph support on 8th April 2013
Hi there,

You should probably add a reset call at the start of your function so that old charts don't reappear:


Plus you culd try changing this:


To this:

window.onresize = function() { ... }

And as for the labels - you could start alternate labels with \r\n so that they appear on separate lines like this:


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