The labelsAboveSpecific option with multiple lines is not showing all of the labels

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Posted by Bernhard on 12th June 2017

I have a canvas line graph with 4 lines and want to add specific labels above each line. Using labelsAboveSpecific I am only able to add labels to the first line - the parameter does not accept an array of arrays. How do I do this?


  var myLine = new RGraph.Line({
             id: 'line_OS',
             data: [[4,4,4,4],[19,19,19,19],[258,258,259,259],[103,103,103,103]],
             options: {
     title: 'Trend',
     titleSize: 10,
     titleColor: '#7D7F90',
     titleBold: false,
     titleY: 20,
     gutterTop: 50,
     labelsAbove: true,
     linewidth: 2,
     colors: ['green','#D0AC41','#9E1E1E','black'],
     strokestyle: 'white',
     textColor: '#7D7F90',
     shadow: false,
     backgroundGridVlines: false,
     backgroundGridBorder: false,
     axisColor: '#ccc',
     noyaxis: true,
     tickmarks: null,
     textSize: 8,
     key: ['Windows NT (4)','Windows 2000','Windows XP', 'Server 2003'],
     keyPosition : 'gutter',
                                 keyInteractive: true,
     labelsAboveBorder: false,
     labelsAboveSpecific: [['A','B','C','D'], ['a','b','c','d'], ['a','b','c','d'], ['a','b','c','d']],
Posted by Richard on 12th June 2017
Hi there,

The array that you pass to the labelsAboveSpecific option should be a flat array - not a 2D array. Here's your code:

Posted by Bernhard on 12th June 2017
Thanks a lot!
Posted by Bernhard on 12th June 2017
Follow up question: How do I suppress a specific label? Using '' gives the word "null" above the line. And using ' ' (a space) results in white spots (I want just the first and last label displayed above the line).
Posted by Richard on 12th June 2017
Hi there,

If you use a nul character it will work if you don't have boxes for the labels enabled. eg.


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