What is the maximum number of values in a Line chart?

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Posted by Joe Cooper on 29th September 2016
I am looking for a graph tool that can handle outputting 100,000 - 1,000,000 values on a chart. Can RGraph do this?

Posted by Richard on 29th September 2016
Hi there,

There's no hard limit - but the more values the longer it will take to render, so for example 100,000 may take a second or two to render the chart.

More importantly though is the number of pixels on your screen. For example I use 1024x768 resolution which means that there is 1024 pixels available horizontally. Not all of those will be available for a chart (margins/whitespace etc). So you might end up with a chart that has 600 - 800 pixels available.

One technique you might employ is this:


Even then if you have a canvas that's more than 10,000 pixels wide the browser might have trouble rendering that canvas.

You could take the average of 100 values (for example) and then show that. This would bring 100,000 values down to 1000 - which is easily renderable.

Posted by Joe Cooper on 29th September 2016
Thanks that's a great help. I think I should bring down the amount of values used like you said.

I am writing a c# application which processes video files for motion. It goes though each video frame by frame and produces a value of motion. The aim is to output this data into a HTML report with graphs which show where on the video the motion is. For videos 60 seconds long, there won't be many values to display and any motion is obvious, however on videos 12 hours long, the graph will be so condensed that motion even 10 seconds long may be lost.

I am still working out the best way to do this.



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