I need some Meter or Gauge chart suggestions

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Posted by Dustin Boswell on 8th July 2013
1. Ability to set the color (at least) of the needle

2. Ability to put a "redline" on the gauge. I synthesized this by setting a one-unit-wide color in the color_range element, but it displays as a wedge rather than as a line, which is less elegant.

(Thanks for a cool product, btw; we're evaluating it right now for purchase.)
Posted by RGraph support on 8th July 2013
Hi there,

1. You can set the colors:


If you decide to go with RGraph I can add this to the Meter chart as well for you.

2. You can use the API for this - again if you choose to opt for RGraph I can give you an example of this.

Richard, RGraph support

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