Is there a MySQL PDO connector example?

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Posted by Javier on 24th October 2015
Too much to ask an example Connecting to MySQL with PDO, in this new version of Rgraph?
Congratulations on the return. I even thought that Rgraph had died.
I use Rgraph long ago, and may be i had to update my code to this new version...
Posted by Richard on 24th October 2015
Hi Javier,

Sorry - I don't know how to use PDO. Though that does remind me that I should add a MySQLi example.

As for RGraph dying - those reports have been greatly exaggerated!

It did falter a little about a year ago when the server that it was running on died a death. But I (eventually) got it back up and running on some new hosting.

Posted by Richard on 25th October 2015

When I add a MySQLi example this week I'll have a look at PDO for you.

Posted by Richard on 26th October 2015
Hi there,

Ok I've added an MySQLi and PDO example now (the examples are quite simple) and you can see the PDO example here:


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