What does the obj.coords variable do in this code sample?

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Posted by Husein on 23rd October 2015
Hi ...
I'm new to RGraph and learning it intensively ...
I try to draw a marker on a line chart ....
in your example (www.rgraph.net/canvas/docs/drawing-api-marker1.html) there are properties for the marker coordinates i.e x: line.coords [2][0] ....
Could you tell me what does the array represent are ? ..

Posted by Richard on 23rd October 2015

There's no special reason for it - I did it that way to keep some sort of similarity with the APIs of other charts. So take the Line chart for example - the coords array might have 10 points, each with an x/y coordinate so a 2D array there makes perfect sense.

Imagine that we have the just one of those points for the marker and that we've kept the same structure of the array.


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