when I save the chart as an image the outline is missing

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Posted by Fred on 6th September 2013

I have a problem when I want to save the image. it does not keep black outline. It is transparent.

I do not understand .....


mode save picture

Posted by RGraph support on 6th September 2013
Hi there,

By default the canvas is transparent - so you can clear the canvas before you draw anything:

RGraph.Clear(canvas, 'black');

If you use dynamic features you may also need to add an onbeforedraw event:

myBar.onbeforedraw = function (e, obj)
     RGraph.Clear(canvas, 'black');

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Fred on 7th September 2013
thank you for this information, but at the onset of the 'tooltips' it back to being white ....... arffff

Posted by Fred on 7th September 2013
no solution?
Posted by RGraph support on 9th September 2013
Hi there,

Like I mentioned - if you use dynamic features you'll need to use the onbeforedraw event to clear the canvas. You could also try adding a little CSS to the canvas tag - it might be easier:

style="background-color: white"

And if you need weekend support or out-of-hours support you'll need to buy the Priority Support or the 5/10 developer license - details here:


Richard, RGraph Support

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