Pie chart RoundRobin effect from a particular angle

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Posted by Siva on 21st January 2014
Is it possible to start the Round Robin effect of Pie Chart from a particular angle ?

For Example :
RGraph.Effects.RevealCircular(pieobject, 30 degree);// where 30 degrees is the angle which i want to start the round robin effect.

Posted by Richard on 21st January 2014
Hi there,

You'll need to modify the source. Try changing this line:

var ra = 0; // The initial radius of the circle that is clipped to

If the effect that you're using is the Pie chart RoundRobin effect you could change this line to 7 or 8:

var currentFrame = 0;

Posted by Siva on 21st January 2014

Many thanks for your reply. Is it possible to do the same thing in RoundRobin method ?

RGraph.Effects.Pie.RoundRobin(pieobject, 150 degree);// Is it possible to do this ?
Posted by Enter your name... on 21st January 2014

Yes - see updated answer above.

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