Problem with Bar chart not displaying any data

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Posted by prakash on 18th September 2016

I am using a bar chart where in case if i want to populate the graph using single array data then it does not draw, and also no error are thrown .

This is sample data I am using.

bar data = {"id":"primarychartcvs","data":[[2473997.1,234204555.76000017,4334286.01,41357752.01999998]],"options":{"labels":["South Region"],"labelsAbove":true,"tooltips":["2,473,997","234,204,556","4,334,286","41,357,752"],"tooltipsEvent":"mousemove","textSize":8,"gutterBottom":100,"gutterTop":40,"gutterLeft":100,"shadow":true,"textAccessible":false,"textAngle":30,"unitsPost":"k","labelsAboveUnitsPost":"k","labelsAboveColor":"#888","labelsAboveBold":true,"labelsAboveItalic":true,"colors":["#cfb4f7","#ffccf9","#ed87e2","#dcef88","#ef77dd"],"key":["MSP","TKP","TMP","TPP"],"keyPosition":"gutter","keyInteractive":true,"backgroundGrid":true,"ylabels":{"offsetx":50,"offsety":0}}}

is it some issue with data or some other error ?

Posted by Richard on 19th September 2016
Hi there,

What's that? Have you just dumped the object? Try posting an address to the page where I can see the source.


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