Problem with RGraph in Firefox

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Posted by Shastry on 6th May 2013

I have a 'div'(consider its 'id' is 'main') which is containing some combo box etc etc.

below that div, i hav another div, within that i hav canvas, within that im having my rgraph.

So, when rgraph gets drawn, and when i click on the 'main' div

The following style is getting appending to that main div.
style="position: relative; top: 0px; left: 0px;"

because of this that whole div elements are coming down.

Why is this happening?

Its working fine with Chrome, but not with firefox.

No overriding of css is happening.

Please help.
Posted by RGraph support on 6th May 2013
Hi there,

I don't know what you mean by 'coming down'. Try showing me an example page. However if it's only happening in Firefox it may be a Firefox specific issue. Try it in Safari, IE and Opera.

Posted by Shastry on 6th May 2013
Thanks. But i fixed it. Its due to these lines. I commented it. Working fine now.

Give the canvas position if it has none
            /* if (! {
        = 'relative';
        = 0;
        = 0;
Posted by Corina on 20th May 2013
It is even better if instead of commenting the code, you just check that those styles are only added to the canvas element:

             if (ca.tagName.toLowerCase() == "canvas" && ! {
        = 'relative';
        = 0;
        = 0;
Posted by RGraph support on 20th May 2013
Hi Corina,

That code has actually been removed now - though it may just be in beta releases.

Richard, RGraph Support

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