I'm doing a redraw with AJAX but getting a previous charts tooltips

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Posted by Thorin48 on 22nd November 2012

I have localhost site with rgraphs.
I load data from database with ajax. I put a canwas into "my div" and then draw an line graph with tooltips. Than I can change properties in form and load new data from database with ajax, put canwas in "my div" and draw new line graph with tooltips.
Evritiks look good but when i put cursor in place where was befor "old" graph a I get an tooltip from them on top of my screen.
How can i reset tooltips? Or some else solution of this problem?

Thanks for help.
Posted by RGraph support on 22nd November 2012

To prevent the old harts from appearing you should clear the ObjectRegistry:

Posted by Thorin48 on 22nd November 2012
That works properly.
Thank you very much.
Sorry, I don't find it in documentation.
I think I am blind!

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