Can the RGraph key be made to be scrollable?

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Posted by Goldy on 5th August 2013
Hi, I have a dynamically loading line graph which plots the values on the canvas
I am using RGraph.chart.key to plot the keys which will symbolize different colors of the Graph for different names. The list I have is too big and the RGraaph keys they go outside my canvas.
So is there a way to put in scroll in there ?
Whats another solution for it

Posted by RGraph support on 6th August 2013
Hi there,

You can't have scroll on just the key. You could enlarge the whole canvas and use overflow: auto so that a scrollbar appears - though I doubt that would be useful.

Another option wouls be to create your own HTML/DIV based key. That way you can have a really long key - and optionally show it on mouseover - like a dropdown. It would probably be a good idea to generate the labels and colors from the RGraph properties:


So that should they change the key is automatically changed too.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Goldy on 8th August 2013
Ok Thanks.
One problem I am facing is, I am plotting the graph dynamically.
Its a line graph and getting data by AJAX calls.
What I am facing is, it works fine for a while but after say 1 hour or so, it hangs and it tries to get the data from the server but it just keeps on waiting for it. As
a result of which my webApp hangs
Do you know what problem could it be ?

Posted by RGraph support on 9th August 2013
Hi there,

Are you creating a new graph object in the AJAX callback? If so they're probably mounting up. Try resetting the canvas (RGraph.Reset(canvas) ) and setting the data on one object (instead of creating a new one each time). You can find the relevant properties here:

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Andy on 29th August 2013
Hi, I have a problem for "chart.key.text.color",I set it for '#FFFFFF' or 'rgb(255,255,255), why the color of the key is still black?

Posted by RGraph support on 30th August 2013
Hi there,

The chart.key.text.color option is only available in the beta at the moment.

Richard, RGraph Support

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