The CSV library always gets the cached copy of the sample.csv file

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Posted by Paulo Fonte on 7th December 2016
Dear Richard

I'm trying to use the example posted in
but the call allways retrieves the cached version, so no updates.

Solved the problem by changing:

RG.AJAX.getString = function (url, callback)
// RG.AJAX(url, function ()
         RG.AJAX.POST(url, '', function ()
             var str = String(this.responseText);


Wonder if there is not a more systematic way that works also for the other AJAX functions?

Thanks in advance
Posted by Richard on 7th December 2016
Hi there,

You could try just adding a random string to the URL:

var url = '/sample.csv?rand=' + Math.random();

IIRC that will avoid anything being cached.

Posted by Paulo Fonte on 7th December 2016
Sleek! Thanks!

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