The RGraph tooltip function for Android isn't working

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Posted by Ksh on 26th September 2013
I am using RGraphs in android.Displaying Graph in webview. When I m trying to show tooltips for Bar Graph, it does not show anything. I have used tooltip library as well as tooltip array for displaying tooltip.
Can you please help me to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.
Posted by RGraph support on 26th September 2013
Hi there,

I have no experience with Android or working with Android though I would suggest that you ensure that the chart is working in a desktop browser first - there you can use a JavaScript console to help find issues.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Reunsss on 3rd January 2018
Hi Richard,
Tooltips still doesn't works on Android. (I don't know for iOS).
Did you trained yourself on Android since this first post ?

The tooltips works perfectly well on Desktop, but not on android.
Posted by Richard on 3rd January 2018
Hi there,

I haven't no. I would imagine if this were something common to all Android phones then I'd get more support requests about it - but yours is the only one IIRC.

Have you tried a basic page? ie Try one of the demos like this one:

Posted by Reunsss on 3rd January 2018
Yes it works on bar.
But it doesn't on line...
Posted by Richard on 4th January 2018
Hi there,

The demo works OK for me - though the example code was missing a reference to the tooltips library which I've now added in, So you may need to add it in to your own page.

Posted by Reunsss on 5th January 2018
Hi Richard,

For your information I'm using the last version of firefox on Android 8.1 (pretty much the last version).
I still have the issue on

You'll find here a screenshot of what happened.

You can see the Two blue things which are used by android to create a selection. And "Tout selectionner" means "Select All".
Hope it'll help you.


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