Is it possible to use the same Y axis & scale for a Bar and Line in combined chart?

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Posted by Tomi on 31st July 2014

Is it possible to use the same yaxis and scale for both bar and line in a combined bar/line chart? For example, in demo "A basic example of a combined Bar/Line chart" ( the first line value is 14 but in the chart this value seems to be about 75 according to yaxis.

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Posted by Richard on 31st July 2014
If you want them to be the same you can set the ymax value to match the Bar chart. EG

obj.set('ymax', 250);

Posted by Tomi on 1st August 2014
I'm new with Rgraph...I noticed that in my test I had set xaxispos: center for the line,
that's why line didn't match yaxis of the bar. I removed that and now it's working...
Thanks anyway!


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