With the Scatter chart can I display the X axis value above a point?

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Posted by Ed on 9th May 2013
I have a scatter chart, that records cpu load on a server at a specific time.

Is there a way to just show the x-axis value above the point?

excerpt of array:
        var db01cpu = new RGraph.Scatter('db01cpu', [
         ['2013/05/09 12:50:01', 0.40],
         ['2013/05/09 12:52:01', 2.77],
         ['2013/05/09 12:54:01', 1.00],
         ['2013/05/09 12:56:01', 0.94],
         ['2013/05/09 12:58:01', 0.58],
         ['2013/05/09 13:00:01', 0.78],

JavaScript noob also.
Posted by RGraph support on 10th May 2013
Hi there,

There isn't an option for it - you could use chart.labels.above though that will shows the X and Y values which when using dates would look a little strange as they'll come out as numbers

Richard, RGraph Support

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