Are there visual themes available?

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Posted by Omar on 24th July 2013
I can't find any documentation on visual themes. Is there a way to create a theme and apply it to a chart using rgraph?
Posted by RGraph support on 24th July 2013
Hi there,

There's no concept of themes - you need to set the individual properties of each chart. What you could do though is use the RGraph.SetConfig() function though to group your properties and make applying them easier:

myTheme1 = {
             'chart.colors': ['red', 'green'],
             'chart.strokestyle': '#ddd'

myTheme2 = {
             'chart.colors': ['yellow', 'pink'],
             'chart.strokestyle': '#000'

You could put those in a seperate "themes" file so that they can be easily reused.

Then you can use them like this:

RGraph.SetConfig(obj, myTheme2);

You can read more here:

Richard, RGraph Support

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