I'm having difficulty setting the thickness of a line on the Line chart

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Posted by Todd on 8th May 2013
I have the following function to draw a dotted line across my line chart. The dotted line works, but I can't figure a way to increase its thickness, I tried:
                 obj.context.linewidth = '3';
                 obj.context.lwd = '3';

Can't figure it out.. here is my code:

             line.ondraw = function (obj)
                 var y = Math.round(obj.getYCoord(<? echo $avg;?>));
                 var x1 = obj.Get('chart.gutter.left');
                 var x2 = obj.canvas.width - obj.Get('chart.gutter.right')-3;
                 obj.context.strokeStyle = '#F82222';
                 obj.context.linewidth = '3';
                 RGraph.DashedLine(obj.context, x1, y, x2, y);
Posted by RGraph support on 8th May 2013
Hi there,

Your problem is this line:

obj.context.linewidth = '3';

It should be a number - like this:

obj.context.linewidth = 3;

BTW Did you know that there's a dotted/dashed line function already in RGraph?


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