Using tooltips together with jQuery popup: Here's a z-index fix

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Posted by Per Englund on 21st April 2016
There is a "bug" in the RGraph.common.tooltips.js, if used in a JQuery popup(blockUI), the tooltip shows "under" the popup.

There is an easy fix in RGraph.common.tooltips.js.
Set = <a high number>;
somewhere after row 30.

Posted by Richard on 21st April 2016

It doesn't matter what I set the z-index to - someone will use a higher one when in a situation like yours.

There is an easy solution though - and that's to create a custom CSS class like this:

.RGraph_tooltip {
     z-index: 999;

Though I might add the ability to set CSS properties in the configuration that are applied to the tooltip.


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