Tooltips keep getting wider and wider

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Posted by Jan Dirk on 6th March 2017
Hi Richard,

I've a Horizontal SVG bar graph, with tooltips.
(I am using v4.61)

I notice, that my tooltips get sometimes wider and wider.
When I make sure that the tooltip gets closed (by clicking somewhere), the tooltip gets resized properly again.
The tooltip seems to get too wide, when I hover first a bar with a wide tooltip and than hover a graph with a tooltip, which is narrow again, but than hovering between two bars forth an back make the tooltip wider and wider.

Have you seen this?
I can try to make a reproduction case for you, when necessary.


Jan Dirk
Posted by Richard on 6th March 2017
Hi there,

I remember having that problem before (and fixing it) - I can't seem to reproduce it any more. Example:

If you haven't upgraded *all* of your libraries to the same version (4.61) then try that.


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