I have a transparent color problem on a Line chart

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Posted by Othmar Gattringer on 13th January 2014
Hello I have a simple color problem.

I have a chart with 6 line graphs. I want to make a button to switch a line on or off. So i give a hidden line 'transparent' color. This works well. If i click on the button the line was hidden.
If i get the line the original color back, the line will be not displayed (is still transparent) if i query the line color (Get('chart.colors')) the color is set but not line was displayed.

This is my code:
function onoff(){
           var line = RGraph.ObjectRegistry.getObjectsByType('line');

           var col = line[2].Get('chart.colors');
           if (col != "transparent"){
              line[2].Set('chart.colors', 'transparent');
              line[2].Set('chart.colors', 'rgba(255,0,0,1)');

Is this a bug or do i something wrong?

Best Regards
Posted by Richard on 13th January 2014
Hi there,

The colors option is an array. So try this:

line[2].Set('colors', ['transparent']);

(You also don't need to give the "chart." in the setting name.)

Posted by Othmar Gattringer on 13th January 2014
Thank you very much! It works. Great work.

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