Uncaught TypeError: RG.SVG.commonSetter is not a function error

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Posted by pheo de Montford on 10th March 2017
Hi I am experimenting with your libraries,

I am getting an uncaught error when trying

new RGraph.SVG.Line({
         id: 'chart-container',
         data: data,
         options: {
             backgroundGridVlines: false,
             backgroundGridBorder: false,
             yaxis: false,
             gutterLeft: 50,
             gutterBottom: 50,
             linewidth: 5,
             spline: true,
             shadow: true,
             shadowOpacity: .25,
             title: 'A multi-line spline chart',

I have used the radar graph previously and that one works great

Posted by Richard on 10th March 2017
Hi there,

In what browser are you seeing that? The function is in RGraph.svg.common.core.js and I looked at your example in Chrome, Firefox and IE11 and none reported the eroor to the console.

Posted by pheo de Montford on 10th March 2017

after sending the message I updated the core file and it worked, I was using a version from the last time I download the source,

Many thanks


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